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Carbide Back Chamfer End Mills Coated 60 Degree. (2) Excellent combination of upper and lower blades, SHARP cutting edge; (3) High precision grinded and polished, high abrasion …Chamfer milling tools Whatever your chamfering needs – chamfers, V-cuts, undercuts, and preparation for welding – we have the right tool for you. Use our tools for both front chamfering and back chamfering in holes and along edges. CoroMill 495 Chamfering of large holes and along edges 4 cutting edges Internal coolant CoroMill® 327

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The Back Chamfer Tool is a very versatile tool that is able to take on many rolls in material removal. The Back Chamfer Tool is intended for going thru a hole and producing a chamfer or edge break on the back side of the hole at 45° in a CNC machine. The Back Chamfer Tool is also able to interpolate larger holes.Softer material benefit from the two flute design for aggressive chip removal and clearance, while harder materials are better suited to a coated end mill with our four flute, high strength design. Whether performing an edge break, full chamfer, or eliminating costly hand deburring operations, this tool does the work you need done now. RESULTS

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Chamfering End Mill The advantages of Betalent carbide chamfer end mill: A suitable negative front angle design is adopted, which takes into account the edge strength and sharpness. The large core diameter is adopted to enhance the rigidity of the end mill and make the cutting and chip removal more stable.Lakeshore Carbide offers the Back Chamfer tools with Multi Flute, Long Length and Single End. Lakeshore Cabride Thread & End Mills Manufacturers. CALL US AT (716) 462-4349

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Chamfer/ De-burr End Mills for Steel, Stainless steel, Grey cast iron malleable and spheroidal iron, Aluminium and other non-ferrous metal, Special super and titanium alloys, Hardened steel and chilled cast iron.Need a chamfer mill? Check out our 3730 Chamfer Mill end mill! It's designed for deburring and chamfering in small grooves and holes, and it improves tool life and finish for profiling and chamfering of large features. Our 3730 Chamfer Mill is a general purpose end mill with 2 or 4-flutes and is stocked uncoated and with TiAlN coating.

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The Angle Chamfer Mill is able to top and bottom chamfer parts, face mill, and 90° included angle side mill (slotting). This is advantageous to a company that is searching for a truly All-In-One Tool. The Weldon shank style of tools come standard the coolant thru the tool, the shell mill mount does not have coolant thru.HSAM1 series chamfer end mills are 2-flute cutters designed for high-speed chamfering primarily in aluminum and steel, with secondary applications in stainless steel and cast iron. …

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Article #: See Options Below Category Countersink / Chamfer Mills Tags Countersinking, Deburring Microfluidics Support Plate Milling with DATRON High Speed CNC Milling Machines Countersink / Chamfer Mill $ 46.00 – $ 149.00 Filter Table Cutting Diameter (D1) Shank (D2) Length (L1) Cutting Depth (L2) Operations α Showing all 9 results Sort byMake boring and countersinking more efficient with chamfer mills and back chamfers from MSC. Our wide selection of chamfer mills gives you a variety of options including shank diameter, …

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Our straight flute chamfer cutters, available with 2 or 4 flutes, are perfect for high quality results in standard chamfering operations. Our unique helically fluted design is stocked in 2, 3, 4, and 5 flutes and is an ideal choice for achieving maximum finish quality in materials up to 55 Rc.6MM 4FL BACK CHAMFER & C'SINK CARBIDE TIALN Brand: Merlin Mfg Part# : 149-12510 Stock:3 in Stock List Price: £109.97 EA (ex. VAT) Web Price: £74.23 EA (ex. VAT) Qty: Close Stock:11 in Stock List Price: £43.79 EA (ex. VAT) Web Price: £37.22 EA (ex. VAT) Qty: Close ECA-20015D 6mm 2 FLUTE DRILL MILL UNCOATED HERTEL Brand: Hertel

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CHAMFER CUTTERS. 15° 20° 22.5° 25° 30° 35° 40° 45° 50° 55° 60° 65° 70° 75° Automotive Tapers; Runner Cutters. 10° 15° 20° Die Sinks. 3° 5° 7° General Purpose End Mills. HSS End Mills; Custom Tool Ordering. Miniature End Mills; Standard End Mills; Long Reach End Mills; Variable Helix; TAPERED END MILLS; Profile Rib Cutters ...Some of our most popular chamfer mill include: Cylindrical shank: • chamfer size: Ø6.8 ~ Ø13.2mm - 99616-C02, C04 and c06 Series: + Elliptical necked bar to optimize the tool strength. • chamfer size: Ø7 ~ Ø32mm - 99616-C10 ~ 99616-C52 Series: + 4 inserts provide for increased feed rate, optimizing performance and reducing cutting time.

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Chamfer Milling Cutters Solid and indexable chamfer mills. General purpose and high performance ranges available for chamfering all materials. Solid Carbide Chamfer Milling Cutters View Now Indexable Chamfer Milling Cutters View NowA variety of different chamfering features with our Carbide Chamfer Cutter (Chamfer Cutting End Mills) options. Available with multiple flutes and angles per side. A diverse selection for Angle Cutting, chamfering, countersinking, deburring, and back chamfering For an additional 250,000 Products visit our New Sister Site

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1-24 of over 6,000 results for "Chamfer End Mills" RESULTS Bassett MCH-4R Series Solid Carbide End Mill, Uncoated (Bright) Finish, 4 Flute, 90 Degrees Profile Angle, Chamfer End, 0.58" Cutting Length, 1/2" Cutting Diameter, 3" Length (Pack of 1) 23 $2132 - …A small face mill, a long edge cutter, an end mill or chamfering cutters can be used. Choice of tools Chamfering cutters. The choice of chamfering tool depends on several factors, such …

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Features: Back Draft Cutters Solid micrograin carbide Center cutting 30° Right-hand helix Right-hand cut Similar Tools 21 - Micro 2 Flute Endmills 41 - Carbide Endmills 41 - Micro Endmills 45 - Back Draft Cutters 45 - Back Draft Cutters w/ Radius 64 - Chamfer Mills 4 Flute Single End 64 - Chamfer Mills 4 Flute Long Double EndChamfer Mill • End Mills 60° • Metric End Mills (1 Products) Face Milling Side Milling/Shoulder Milling: Eased Chamfer Shank - Cylindrical Weldon 2 Flat View Products Chamfer Mill • End Mills 30° • Metric End Mills (1 Products) Face Milling Side Milling/Shoulder Milling: Eased Chamfer Shank - Cylindrical Weldon 2 Flat View Products